The idea is to capture the originality of each terroir and of each grape variety to inscribe it into the wine.

We possess a great diversity of terroir, all are geologically different which permits us to obtain a large variety of flavours and characters.


2008: a great aging potential vintage!

A cold winter gave way to spring with a bud break mid-April, followed by a warm and sunny May. Flowering started early June and ended around the 3rd week of the month due to relatively wet and cool weather.
Summer conditions appeared in July but were disrupted early August by rainy and cool episodes. Therefore, a gap of grapes maturity appeared depending on the terroirs and raised our fears about appearance of diseases.
In late August, a dry climate improved the health conditions in the vineyard and reduced the differences in maturation between the early and late ripening terroirs. Mainly dry and cold weather in September marked the beginning of the harvest on the 25th of September. October was more clement with warm days and cool nights, favoring good ripening of the grapes while maintaining significant levels of acidity. These weather conditions are ideal to produce great wines for aging. That is why, we harvested Late Harvest and Selection de Grains Nobles in Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer of exceptional quality.
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