The idea is to capture the originality of each terroir and of each grape variety to inscribe it into the wine.

We possess a great diversity of terroir, all are geologically different which permits us to obtain a large variety of flavours and characters.


2009: A gourmet and generous vintage!

The winter was mild but dry, favoring an early bud break in early April. Spring was marked by relatively hot days and followed by rainy weather in May. A heat peak in late May (37.5°C) speed the flowering up, then slowed by a sharp drop in temperature in early June (20°C). The end of June was characterized by more summer weather, also in July with some little rainy episodes, typical for the season. August was hotter and drier favoring rapid and uniform ripening.
The rest of the season, until the end of October, was marked by a significant water stress. The lack of water and high temperatures have accelerated the ripening of the grapes and reduced acidity levels for the earliest terroirs. Rieslings are very well balanced, maintaining good levels of acidity.
The harvest began in early September for Crémant and ended around mid-October. The sanitary conditions of the grapes were overall very good. The issue of this vintage was to start harvesting early to maintain correct levels of acidity while achieving good phenolic maturity. The dry weather had not favored the development of botrytis; therefore no VT and SGN have been harvested this year.
2009 was a great year, both in quantity and quality. The wines are balanced and aromatic.
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