The idea is to capture the originality of each terroir and of each grape variety to inscribe it into the wine.

We possess a great diversity of terroir, all are geologically different which permits us to obtain a large variety of flavours and characters.


2014: a vintage that will be remembered!

After a short, mild and slightly rainy winter, spring, in early March, was sunny and unusually warm for the season. These conditions favored an early bud break late March and suggested a promising potential crop. An early bloom appeared in late May and confirmed our expectations, despite the appearance of coulure, a surprising phenomenon, unusual for a hot and dry climate (25 to 50% of coulure depending on locations). The month of June was characterized by a major water deficit, with 200mm of water since the beginning of the year, while on average we benefit from 500 to 600mm of annual precipitation. July and August were the most difficult months, marked by heavy rainfall (twice the average) have favored the growth of grasses that had not germinated during spring.
The 2014 harvest was long and tedious, starting in mid-September and ending mid-October. They were characterized by the unusual presence of acetic rot, due to the sudden appearance of a new scourge in Alsace: the fruit fly suzukii Drosophila. This species from Asia is different to other fruit flies as it is able to to eat healthy fruit, mature or maturing, whereas the classical fruit fly eats only damaged fruit. The grapes that had a coloured skin (Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer) were devastated by this fruit fly. The health condition of these grapes was complicated, which forced us to recruit a larger team of pickers and to make drastic selective sorting in the vineyard. In order to maintain the quality of our wines, the 2014 harvest decreased by over 10% (40hl/ha) compared to 2013 (vintage with already low yields).
Meanwhile, Rieslings (Grands Crus and Lieux-Dits) have been little affected by the Drosophila. They have incredible maturity and great tension. 2014 is an exceptional vintage for Riesling.
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