The idea is to capture the originality of each terroir and of each grape variety to inscribe it into the wine.

We possess a great diversity of terroir, all are geologically different which permits us to obtain a large variety of flavours and characters.


2016: a vintage that will be remembered!

It was a vintage of paradoxes. A cold winter, and a fatal fall of the thermometer to -4 ° C was wreaking havoc in the night of April 20 to 21, but spring had arrived ten days earlier this year, particularly rainy, strong mildew powdery mildew, the buds were well developed in mid-April. The climate situation began to change in early July, consecutive sunny days have been lasting more than a month, the land and vineyards had accumulated a lot of heat. In July, the vineyards developed in full swing. Fortunately, the rains came in August at the right time, which allowed Botrytis to settle in the ripe grapes.
Despite the unpredictable weather, the concern of the Drosophila Suzuki, and a strong disease impulse, the 2016 harvest was quite positive thanks to our valiant harvesters. In contrast to the precocity in 2015, we started the harvest in early October and it lasted four weeks.
The grapes were in good health, especially for the family of Pinots: it was a success for this vintage 2016. The Pinot Gris was granted a fine and ripe acidity with beautiful materials. The Pinot Noir has a very good balance, with dark dresses and ripe tannins. The Gewurztraminer was granted with elegant and beautiful matures. Finally, it was a great year for Riesling which was salty and tense; it was really an elegant wine.
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