These vineyards express the notion of vins de terroirs and the character of grape variety makes way for the eloquence of the terroir. Our forbears had identified certain vineyards that, year after year, have a specific character and quality. Today there are deliberations for new laws recognising Lieux-dits as “younger brothers” of the Grands Crus in Alsace.
Clos des trois chemins

The area of the vineyard is 1 hectare, this historical plot is split between two producers.
According to a geo-pedological study made during the 1960s, this plot has been planted at the end of the First World War and is one of the two best terroirs of Gewurztraminer in Alsace. The vines face South/South-East and the terroir is marl and chalk with bedrock of sandstone and quartzite rocks. The result is great Gewurztraminer, very complex with finesse and lightness.

Designation: Alsace Contrôlée
Origin: Village of Mittelwihr
Ageing potential: 15 to 20 years - it is best to wait for at least 3 or 4 years after bottling
It must be decanted.